Worldview Metaphors

The prompt for this assignment:

Metaphors as ways of seeing- Presume the metaphor below is true. then, use it as a foundation and build a world view that encompasses the elements that follow, plus others that you uncover. (write a paragraph that extends the metaphor to other aspects of a larger system.

“Lake Lanier is Atlanta’s weekend playground.”

Consider relationships between city and country’ views of nature adult activities’ work and leisure’ views of rich and poor; uses of natural world; possible negative consequences.

The reality of people who approach Lake Lanier as their personal playground do so as a debaucherous environment. They leave beer cans floating use the restroom wherever they like and generally act like maudlin fools. Thus it is a source of irresponsible enjoyment not afforded in the everyday Atlantan lifestyle. Though this is the actual way people see the lake, is it the ethically correct method?

If Lake Lanier is indeed Atlanta’s weekend playground, then that would mean people view nature as a source of entertainment. The consequences are often unforeseen. There are a lot of difficulties that arise when human interaction on a large scale occurs, such as pollution, fish die off and all sorts of ecological disasters. This is the case with all large-scale human interaction in the world. Notable examples include Exxon Valdez, Chernobyl the examples abound. The main idea being, that with the entertainment that the natural world can provide, comes a responsibility to look after its welfare. It is our responsibility as individuals to ensure the opportunity for amusement in the future.


One Response to “Worldview Metaphors”

  1. I really like your statement in the second paragraph about “consequences are often unforeseen.” I think this is true of many of society’s actions. We act and then really think. I like your connection to cultural and historical examples. Those are great places to make some external connections to other sites and/or media.

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